Environmentally Friendly Fabric Protection

Environmentally Friendly Fabric Protection

MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection is safe for you, your family, your pets, your belongings and the environment.

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Approved by the EPA and WoolSafe, & Independent Laboratories!


  • MicroSeal is a unique MULTI- dimensional product,which resists stains, sun fade, wear, mould & mildew.
  • MicroSeal is anti-static & will reduce smoke and flame spread in the event of a fire.
  • MicroSeal is made with Nanotechnology & will not change the texture or colour of what it is applied to. Unlike Coaters which can cause yellowing and change fabric texture.
  • MicroSeal offers Permanent Stain Resistance - Will survive many professional cleanings.
  • MicroSeal offers Permanent Sun Fade Resistance - Almost 100% on most fabrics.
    MicroSeal Increases Fabric Life - Up to 60% more resistance to wear and abrasion.
  • MicroSeal Seals all Fabrics & Carpets - Wools, Cottons, Silk, Suedes & Smooth Leather.
  • MicroSeal Penetrates & Seals Fibres Only - It won't seal in dirt or stains.
    MicroSeal is Non Toxic & Non Allergenic - No Flourochemicals or PTFE Resin (non-stick)
  • MicroSeal is Independent Laboratory Tested - and proven Worldwide in the Aerospace Industry.

For more information, please visit the official Australian Microseal site